Webinars on eBilanz-Online

The webinars provide users and interested persons about the use of the application in a simple, effective and interactive way.

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  • Reduction of administrative burden
  • Time saving, due to lack of installation and maintenance work
  • Up-to-date taxonomies at all times
  • Cost reduction due to lack of fixed cost
  • Re-utilisation of data from eBilanz-Online for
  1. Publication with Bundesanzeiger
  2. Scoring by banks
  • Set-up of an unlimited number of clients
  • User administration for the con-current use by several employee
  • Mapping of trial balances to the taxonomies used by tax authorities
  • Use of predefined mappings to the taxonomies used by tax authorities
  • Possibility to transfer mapping rules between clients
  • Re-utilisation of data form eBilanz-Online for publication with Bundesanzeiger
  • Parallel use with in-house solutions
  • Interface for SAP general ledger
  • Support of the mapping process on the basis of individual accounts or balance sheet positions
  • Re-utilisation of data form eBilanz-Online for the publication with Bundesanzeiger
  • Option to reduce the level of detail for the publication with Bundesanzeiger
  • Customizable for major enterprises
  • Option to deliver GCD and GAAP-data via web-service
  • Erhöhung des Automatisierungsgrades der Datenverarbeitung
  • Avoid file-based data imports and media breaks
  • Provide independent processes of data import and data processing to your customers
  • For further information please send an email to service@bundesanzeiger.de


Webinars on eBilanz-Online

Among other things, our free webinars regularly provide you with the basics of using eBilanz-Online in a simple, effective and interactive way.

The webinar topics at a glance:

  • General principles new: now with the Digital Financial Report – DiFin
  • Manual entry vs. import vs. drag and drop - the input options of eBilanz-Online

Further dates and information can be found here.

Intensive workshop on E-Balance

On the basis of a concrete case study, you will work independently under the guidance of our instructor at a PC workstation, where potential mistakes and pitfalls in the submission of the e-balance sheet lurk.

Here you can find more information about the Fundamentals Intensive Workshop.



Intensive webinar: "Filing in Liquidation"

With the publication of the call for creditors, a company is in liquidation and thus in a special case under commercial law. To ensure that you do not lose track during this time, when a large number of new duties and deadlines are coming your way, Bundesanzeiger Verlag offers an intensive webinar specifically for representatives of companies in liquidation.

Dates and information on registration can be found here.

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