eBilanz-Online has been updated to include the Digital Financial Report (DiFin).

This enables you to send annual financial statements electronically to credit institutions, provided that you have submitted a declaration of participation and commitment (TVE).

Webinars on eBilanz-Online

The webinars provide users and interested persons about the use of the application in a simple, effective and interactive way.

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  • Reduction of administrative burden
  • Time saving, due to lack of installation and maintenance work
  • Up-to-date taxonomies at all times
  • Cost reduction due to lack of fixed cost
  • Re-utilisation of data from eBilanz-Online for
  1. Publication with Bundesanzeiger
  2. Scoring by banks
  • Set-up of an unlimited number of clients
  • User administration for the con-current use by several employee
  • Mapping of trial balances to the taxonomies used by tax authorities
  • Use of predefined mappings to the taxonomies used by tax authorities
  • Possibility to transfer mapping rules between clients
  • Re-utilisation of data form eBilanz-Online for publication with Bundesanzeiger
  • Parallel use with in-house solutions
  • Interface for SAP general ledger
  • Support of the mapping process on the basis of individual accounts or balance sheet positions
  • Re-utilisation of data form eBilanz-Online for the publication with Bundesanzeiger
  • Option to reduce the level of detail for the publication with Bundesanzeiger
  • Customizable for major enterprises
  • Option to deliver GCD and GAAP-data via web-service
  • Erhöhung des Automatisierungsgrades der Datenverarbeitung
  • Avoid file-based data imports and media breaks
  • Provide independent processes of data import and data processing to your customers
  • For further information please send an email to service@bundesanzeiger.de

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