On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. Therefore, our Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions (GTC) are updated accordingly.

We would like to point out that within the framework of the GDPR, when processing personal data, a Commissioned-processing contract has to be concluded.

This is stored in eBilanz-Online and automatically displayed to you. After confirmation of the Commissioned-processing contract you will be able to use eBilanz-Online as usual.

Technical requirements for the use of eBilanz-Online

The following requirements must be fulfilled to use the application:

  • Current Internet Browser with activated JavaScript
    The following versions are supported: Internet Explorer from version 10, Mozilla Firefox from version 30, Google Chrome from version 30.
  • Elster-software-certificate (ElsterBasis)
    The software certificate is required for authentication toward tax authorities before transmitting the E-Balance. The use of ElsterSpezial-security sticks or ElsterPlus-signature cards is not possible. For further information please click here.
  • Microsoft Excel
    Excel-files from version MS Excel 2000 may be used for importing data. To view exported Excel-files MS Excel from version 2003 onwards is required.
  • Adobe Reader or an alternative pdf-reader
    To view pdf-files generated by eBilanz-Online the Adobe Reader from version 9.0 or an alternatives programme is required. The Adobe may be downloaded here.

Current Changes

The following functions and features are available with Update in February 2019
  • Digital Financial Report (DiFin) – EÜR taxonomy 1.0
    As part of the Digital Financial Report (DiFin) the EÜR taxonomy is available to users. With the EÜR taxonomy 1.0 it is possible to submit reports based on cash method of accounting reports to participating financial service providers.
  • Mapping
    The account assignment (mapping) of standard account frames 03 and 04 to EÜR taxonomy 1.0 has been defined.
  • Sender selection on the transmission protocol
    Users now have the option when transferring a record to select whether them self or the administrator should be listed on the transfer protocol as the sender.


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(Local) installation of eBilanz-Online on your PC or server

In case your internal policies do not allow the use of eBilanz-Online as a web-application hosted on third-party-servers, we offer the option to install the software locally on your PC or server.


  • Absolute control over your data
  • No storage of data (even not temporary) on servers of Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH
  • Direct transmission of data from your PC or server to the Elster-servers
  • Technical requirements (may increase depending on the usage of the system):
    Windows- or Linux-PC or -server
    from 3GB free RAM
    from 10GB free hard disk storage
  • Option for in-house training of your employees
  • If you are interested in a non-binding offer, please send an email to service@bundesanzeiger.de

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