Info! Use your personal voucher to transfer the Digital Financial Report free of charge. For the free transfer of the DiFin, simply enter DIFIN2024-EBO in the field provided during the transfer.

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Transmission Questions

Will the transfer protocol created by the fiscal authority be stored in eBilanz-Online?

Yes. After a successful data transfer to the fiscal authority, the XBRL instance file and the transfer protocol, including the transfer time and transferring user will be stored in eBilanz-Online for the purpose of documentation. The transfer protocol will then also serve as your record of the transmission in relation to the fiscal authority and you can print it out.

Can the “security stick for Elster” also be used in the context of eBilanz-Online?

The transmission from eBilanz-Online to the fiscal authority is possible only by means of the Elster basic certificate.
Authentication by means of the ElsterSpezial security stick or the ElsterPlus signature card does not work until further notice for technical reasons.

You should request the Elster basic certificate from Elster. It is free of charge. The user will receive an encrypted certificate file in .pfx format to save on his or her computer. In addition, the user will receive a PIN by post.

Can I also save the transferred dataset locally?

Although you can see a display of the XBRL files saved in eBilanz-Online after a successful transmission, local storing on your PC, however, is only possible in .pdf or Excel formats. If wanted, you can subsequently delete the data stored on eBilanz-Online. After deletion, the data will be irrecoverably removed and it can then no longer be restored either.

Can I also transfer account lists using eBilanz-Online?

Generally, yes. To do so, select “Detail information” in the report part. As soon as the eBilanz-Online accounts are mapped to a position of the taxonomy, which is marked as a required field in the requested list of accounts, all relevant information will be gathered automatically under the menu item “Detail information”. It is also possible to enter the data manually. The user can choose personally if this detail information will be included in the transmission.

What do I do if I find mistakes in my entries after successful transmission to the fiscal authority?

You can change the entries and retransmit the electronic balance sheet. When doing so, it is important that you select the status “corrected” or “changed” in the GCD module, so that the fiscal authority will notice it is a corrected electronic balance sheet. The option to create a new version of the process is available to have to discard the previously transmitted data.

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