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Is it possible to install eBilanz-Online (locally) on your PC or server?

In case your internal policies do not allow the use of eBilanz-Online as a web-application hosted on third-party-servers, we offer the option to install the software locally on your PC or server.

  • Absolute control over your data
  • No storage of data (even not temporary) on servers of Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH
  • Direct transmission of data from your PC or server to the Elster-servers
  • Technical requirements (may increase depending on the usage of the system):
    Windows- or Linux-PC or -server
    from 3GB free RAM
    from 10GB free hard disk storage
  • Option for in-house training of your employees
  • If you are interested in a non-binding offer, please send an email to service@bundesanzeiger.de

Do you have anymore questions? Then call us free of charge on: 0800 – 1 23 43 36

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