• Time-saving
    No need to update or maintain the application due to always up-to-date taxonomies. Web-application that meets the legal requirements. All taxonomies are always up
    to date. Thus, no need to spend time on updates or maintenance.
  • Cost-efficient and transparent
    From 10 EUR plus VAT for each E-Bilanz-transmission to tax authorities or the transmission of a Digital Financial Report. eBilanz-Online
    is based on a convenient credit balance system. You simply buy a transmission and use it for a successful transmission of your data. The use of all other functions of the platform is
    free of charge.
  • Simple use
    Simple to use and optimised for companies and tax advisors. The application is especially designed to be used by companies and tay advisors.
    Multi-user-functionality comes free of charge.
  • Intuitive data input and mapping
    Input via excel file upload, pre-defined forms and Drag&Drop. Import your data simply via Excel file or enter your data manually into a
    pre-defined form. Use pre-defined mappings or map your accounts individually via Drag&Drop.
  • Highest security standards and technical expertise
    Gain from the long-term experience of Bundesanzeiger in publishing XBRL-information. Together with our partner fwsb we
    guarantee industry specific know how and highest security standards! Confident use of your tax related data is a matter of course. Special procedures save your data from being
    published by accident.
  • Publication based on your specifications
    Individual adjustment of the degree of detail in the disclosure.
  • Supports correct data input
    Validation, preview and saving of interim steps possible. eBilance-Online offers the possibility to validate, preview and save your E-Bilanz
    before the final transmission to tax authorities.
  • Re-utilisation of data
    Re-use your XBR-data at any time. Once transmitted to tax authorities, your data are available of individual use, e.g. within the scoring process of
    your bank. Mapping rules are saved and may be used in subsequent years.
  • Professional support
    We help you personally. You may call our free-of-charge service hotline at 0 800 – 1 23 42 39 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am till 6:30 pm.

Price model

The costs incurred for the use of eBilanz-Online is calculated exclusively according to the number of valid transmissions of a dataset to the financial
administration (ERiC) or the transmission of a Digital Financial Report.

You can take advantage of the sliding-scale prices if the corresponding number of transmissions is purchased in a payment transaction. The price is calculated
according to the following scale.
All prices apply plus the statutory VAT.



acquired in one

price per


1 – 24

25,00 €


25 – 49

22,50 €


50 – 74

20,00 €


75 – 99

17,50 €


100 – 124

15,00 €


125 – 149

12,50 €


ab 150

10,00 €


Failed transmissions to ERiC are not calculated. The payment is made through a credit system. This has to be acquired before the transmission. For this, the payment
systems PayPal, Sofortueberweisung and SEPA direct debit are available.

Do you have anymore questions? Then call us for free on: 0800 – 1 23 43 36