On this page you will find the most important questions and answers about using eBilanz-Online. If you have any further questions on how to use it, please contact us personally.

How can I use eBilanz-Online?

What are the filing deadlines for tax returns in 2023?

Can I also use eBilanz-Online for several clients?

What happens to my data with eBilanz-Online?

Can I import existing data into eBilanz-Online?

Does eBilanz-Online validate the recorded data?

What costs are incurred with eBilanz-Online?

What can I transfer with eBilanz-Online?

When and what do I have to file with the Bundesanzeiger?

What are the technical requirements for using eBilanz-Online?

Is a local installation of eBilanz-Online on a PC or server possible?

Simply determine your 13-digit ELSTER® tax number.

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