Info! Use your personal voucher to transfer the Digital Financial Report free of charge. For the free transfer of the DiFin, simply enter DIFIN2024-EBO in the field provided during the transfer.

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Our Price Model for the eBilanz-Online Application

The pricing model for using eBilanz-Online is simple, transparent and cost-effective.

The costs are based on the number of transmissions of valid data records to the tax authorities or the transmission of a Digital Financial Report to a credit institution or a rating agency.

Due to the entry into force of the „Act on the Implementation of the Digitization Directive“ (DiRUG), an asset will be incurred for each process for the activation (generation/transmission)for financial years from 31 December 2021.

acquired in one
price per asset
11 – 2439,00 €
225 – 4934,00 €
350 – 7429,00 €
475 – 9924,00 €
5100 – 12419,00 €
6125 – 14914,00 €
7ab 15010,00 €

Rejected records due to validation errors by the ERiC, the credit institution or a rating agency will not be charged. Payment is made via a credit system that can be topped up before transfer. We accept PayPal, Sofortüberweisung and SEPA direct debit as payment options.

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