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How is payment effected?

Payments for transmissions to the fiscal authority are made by means of a deposit balance system. For this purpose, the payment methods “PayPal”, “instant transfer”, and SEPA direct debit are available.

Is it sufficient to make a deposit of the balance directly before a transmission?

Yes. A transmission can be made as soon as a sufficient deposit balance is available. Otherwise, no deposit balance is required for the full use of the application.

How can I control the deposit balance?

You can see the deposit balance total and the number of transmissions already made at any time via the administration menu.

What is the definition of a “validated dataset” regarding the price calculation and to what does it refer?

A validated dataset contains all components of the taxonomy. This includes, for example, the entire balance sheet (including all accounts and items), the entire profit and loss statement, etc. This way, the price is not calculated based on individual components, but it refers to the successful transmission of the complete dataset. If you make test transmissions to the ERiC, these will also be charged, however.

Are running costs incurred by an eBilanz-Online account?

No. At eBilanz-Online, you merely pay for the service of transmitting your electronic balance sheet to the fiscal authority. The use of the application itself and, in particular, the drafting of a file for publication in the Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette) is free of charge.

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