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13-digit tax number

Simply determine your
13-digit ELSTER® tax number

To create the e-balance sheet, you need a 13-digit ELSTER® tax number. You can use our converter to quickly and easily calculate this number from your known tax number. Then you only have to enter your federal state and your 10, 11- or 12-digit tax number.


10-, 11- or 12-digit tax number:

All about the 13-digit tax number

The tax office assigns a tax number to every natural and legal person in Germany. With the introduction of the ELSTER procedure, which enables the submission of electronic tax returns, a standardized nationwide scheme was introduced – the 13-digit tax number. Here you can read exactly what it is, where you can find the number and how it is made up.

Tax ID or tax number?

Federal standard format: 13-digit tax number

What is the composition of the 13-digit tax number?

Where can I find my 13-digit tax number?

Conversion of the state-specific tax number into the uniform 13-digit format